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North Pier Advisory


I specialize in advising small/middle market CPG and retail companies but am open to discussing other types of businesses to see if there’s a mutual fit. I try to be selective about who I work with. I’ll only take on a client if I’m confident I can add significant value. All clients work directly with me, and all relationships are rooted in trust and transparency. I pride myself on my reputation – most inquiries come from referrals within my network. Doing great work really matters to me and I’m “emotionally invested” in my client’s success. My focus is helping with “business fundamentals”. Examples of questions I can help answer below

Marketing Stratgies 

Are you concisely communicating your value to consumers?

What do you stand for?

What are your ownable points of difference?

How effective is your marketing?


Are you delivering sufficient unit-level gross profit?

Is your pricing strategy optimized?

Are you discounting too much?


How much overhead and investment can you afford?


What are your short/medium/long-term goals & priorities?

What sales channels should you focus on?

What’s the right capital structure for your business?

Is your annual planning process effective?


Are you tracking the right metrics with appropriate frequency?

Are your monthly financials timely, accurate, and well organized?

Can someone explain complex topics in a simple way to key stakeholders?

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